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“Inspiring and building community through innovation in arts and education”

Welcome to the Pabst Steinmetz Foundation. Established in 2018, the Foundation is the merger of philanthropic work of husband and wife Chuck Steinmetz and Margery Pabst Steinmetz.

A Note from Chuck and Margie:

When we established The Pabst Steinmetz Foundation, the most obvious benefit was more resources for the mission; however our complementary approaches to giving back, to investing in our community emerged as key to our current and future success. Chuck, a scientist, is by nature a builder, a pragmatist who identifies the practical application with questions like, “What is the community need?” or “What do we want to achieve?”

As a counterpoint, Margie is more likely to view a proposal or idea through the filter of feelings and passions associated with the idea and the potential outcome being proposed, connecting it with other collaborators or institutions working with similar issues. She is often heard saying, “So who needs to be a part of this idea to improve our community?”

Our thinking merges at the intersection of inspiring and building sustainable models, models that can stand the test of time, albeit with modifications over time.  Neither one of us derives any energy from “recreating wheels” so we would rather continue to support ideas that build rich and continued innovation.

The synergies of having both practicality and passion are, we believe, the key to realizing greater impact in our community.  Through the worlds of arts and education, and beginning with listening to community issues and needs, then identifying practical outcomes, our mission is to support ideas that are “sticky”, becoming sustainable models replicated in ripple effect fashion.