Margery Pabst Steinmetz is a national speaker, facilitator, storyteller, and author. She also owned her own company, MLP Enterprises, a leadership development firm for Fortune 500 companies from 1991-2001. After her retirement, Margery founded The Pabst Charitable Foundation for the Arts whose mission was to support artists and art forms for community quality of life. In early 2018, Margery and her husband, Charles Steinmetz, co-founded their combined foundations to become The Pabst Steinmetz Foundation. The expanded mission of this new foundation is to “Inspire and support innovation in arts and education for community impact.” One of the keys to the Foundation is to encourage innovative models of excellence which can be brought to scale and sustainability. A key interest is models for aging and quality of life.

Margery is the co-author of, “Enrich Your Caregiving Journey” which won the “Caregiver Friendly Award.” Margery’s latest book, “Words of Care” is available on her website, where caregivers can access a variety of tools for personal respite and wellbeing. Margery cites the purpose of this work: “To assist caregivers and families in creating resilient and empowering environments for themselves and others.”

Margery has led a number of initiatives at University of Central Florida related to issues of aging, caring and the arts. Partnering with UCF, Margery developed three Arts and Wellness Symposiums from 2012-14. The purpose of the symposia was to develop community awareness of the issues facing older adults and to develop useful tools for caregivers to scale. One of the major results of this effort was the development of the “Creative Caregiving Guide,” a tool for bringing the arts home to caregivers and their care partners. Recently, The Pabst Steinmetz Foundation announced the Arts and Wellness Innovation Awards to be awarded to teams of campus and community partners who develop, research and demonstrate the potential for sustainable models in arts and wellness. The Foundation also supports a variety of caregiving agencies in Central Florida and recently developed a video for training medical students, community partners and caregivers about the importance of empathy.

Margery views herself as a “connector,” introducing and encouraging unlikely partners in the pursuit of community quality of life.